4 Advantages of Booking a Direct Airport Transfer Service

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  • November 17, 2021

One of the first and surprisingly challenging questions when planning a trip is how to get to or from the airport. This is doubly more complicated when you are away from home in a new city. In those cases, a taxi may seem like a solid default choice, and it is in most cases but when in Toronto, the Pearson airport shuttle may be a better choice still.

If you are looking for a budget option that has all the reliable qualities of an airport cab, then the airport shuttle service is most certainly the next best thing. While most airport transportation is harrowingly expensive, this particular option is a pleasant exception and can be almost as convenient.

But let’s not lump all of it in one pile and lay out the four benefits of giving preference to the Toronto airport shuttle when going to or from the airport.

Better than Public Transit

This may go without saying but public transit to the airport is a terrible idea. The number of transfers alone is a nightmare, doubled by the amount of luggage you’d have to haul off and onto buses and subway trains. For newcomers and visitors, the TTC system is confusing and easy to get lost or turned around in. Finally, it’s simply exhausting. The Pearson airport shuttle on the other hand will take you to a convenient destination in the city with the efficiency of a cab. It still leaves a last mile trip to your home or hotel but it’s nothing in comparison to the journey saved this way.

The Economy Option

Saving on an airport taxi fare is more than pocket change, and getting it while riding in a comfortable Toronto airport shuttle makes it even better. What the airport shuttle service allows is to get the comfort of a personal vehicle without the burdensome expense by sharing it with a few other passengers. This can reduce the fare to less than half that of an airport taxi which is a lot when you multiply it by two trips, to and from the airport.

Convenience and Speed

While not as fast as a direct drive to your destination, the airport shuttle service can make for a very speedy trip, saving on wait times and transfers. Punctual like no bus or ride sharing app service, this option will be on the clock whether to or from the airport, making it easy for you to keep to your own schedule.

Reliability and Safety

Unlike ride sharing of all kinds, where drivers are anyone with the app, and very much like dedicated airport taxi cabs, the Pearson airport shuttle service employs only seasoned drivers and fully insured vehicles.

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