4 Reasons To Choose Taxi Service From Airport to Quarantine Hotel in Toronto

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  • August 30, 2021

The travel restrictions around COVID-19 have been lifted but only partially, with many Canadians returning home having to check into a quarantine hotel. You need to test negative and have a two dose vaccine and papers to prove it from a recognized vaccination authority.

This is a part of the government safety plan to restrict new virus variants from entering the country. As a result, you might find yourself needing a Taxi for Quarantine Center. And it’s definitely a taxi you want, and here is why.
In short, it is the most efficient and safe way to get you there with a minimum amount of worry but there’s more. Let’s break it down.

Reduced Risk of Transmission for Travelers

Quarantine Travel with Airport Taxi is categorized as an essential service and is therefore supervised and regulated by government guidelines. There are contingencies in place to ensure passenger safety, so that if you are entering the vehicle, you can be perfectly sure you won’t be exposed to any additional risks. Chauffeurs will always have a face mask, and are instructed to ensure riders do the same so as to keep the interior free of pathogens for the next passengers and the ones after that.

Pristine Taxi Interiors

In addition to the considerable safety gained by the cars being cleaned between every ride, Travel from the Airport to the Quarantine Center in an airport taxi is simply more pleasant. The feeling of taking a ride in a vehicle that appears almost new is just relaxing and pleasant, something you will certainly appreciate after a long flight in a cramped plane salon.

Fixed Rates that Don’t Change

Partly in an effort to reduce physical contact but mostly in order to provide the best possible service, many taxi companies are offering a flat rate for Quarantine Travel with Airport Taxi. This rate does not depend on weather, traffic or flight delays. It means you can order the taxi well in advance and have yourself and family picked up when you land, and dropped off at the hotel with the minimum amount of fuss and with zero extra charges or hidden fees.

Familiarity with Quarantine Stay and Measures

Taking a Taxi for Quarantine Center has the added value of having access to a personal concierge on wheels. Our drivers are familiar with the designated stay centers and can help you find your way to one with ease, but they can do more than that. They can help you make strategic stops along the way for essential supplies, such as groceries and entertainment items. And even further than that, you will be welcome to get in touch after drop off and get whatever you need and didn’t think of earlier.

With this level of service and reliability, the choice is very clear. Travel from the Airport to the Quarantine Center is better with a taxi.