9 Things to Look For When Finding the Best Airport Limo Pearson Offers

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  • August 22, 2015

Want to ensure that you book the best airport limo Pearson offers but not sure which factors to keep an eye out for? What features the best in the business provide, or what to expect from top-notch transportation staff? Fortunately we know all the characteristics to look for in an elite limo company, so when the time comes to request an airport limo in Pearson, you’ll know to keep the following nine things in mind. 


Comfort should your first concern when hiring an airport limo at Pearson airport. But there are ways that some limo companies cut corners with your experience, and can lead to an uncomfortable trip.

1. High Quality Vehicles. A variety of different vehicles with different qualities should be a warning sign; the best limo services have fleets of high-quality offerings with a consistency and reliability a lesser limo service can’t match. You should never feel worried you might get the bad limo, as high quality companies don’t offer any.

2. Transportation Options. Keep an eye out for services offering multiple tiers of high-quality vehicles; limos, executive vans, and shuttles for larger groups, and ride in comfort appropriate to you needs whether you’re alone or with a large group.

3. Baggage Handling. Quality baggage handling is key to a comfortable ride. You should be able to bring a reasonable amount of baggage, and not penalized for it.


Having a high quality limo service should mean more than just a comfortable ride, it should mean the entire experience is problem free. Look for these convenient traits when picking the best airport limo Pearson offers.

4. Meet and Greet. A quality limo service shouldn’t leave you hunting desperately for your ride in a crowded airport. A meet-and-greet service is a vital offering from any airport limo service, to keep you relaxed and aware of where your driver is.

5. Parcel Transport. Though you may not immediately require this service when getting off the place, keep an eye out for the service as an indicator of an attention to customers’ needs.

6. Online Booking. A service which doesn’t offer online booking in 2015 simply isn’t paying enough attention to your needs. Even if you prefer to make arrangements by phone, the lack of online booking should be treated as a warning flag.


Staff professionalism matters at least as much as the quality of your ride—make sure you keep an eye out for these three signs of top-notch professionalism.

7. Hat & Glove Services. When you need the highest levels of professionalism, and the most visually impressive driver possible, the best airport limo in Pearson should be equipped to meet that need with hat and glove services.

8. Anonymous Unmarked Vehicles. An airport transportation company should be equipped and prepared to maintain the strictest possible levels of customer confidentiality, which comes in unmarked vehicles.

9. Flexibility. When your needs change, a top notch limo company should be prepared to change with them. If you find yourself needing transportation to a nearby area or other special services, the best airport limo service Pearson has to offer should be able to make arrangements, without charging you exorbitantly.

If you’re looking to book the best airport limo Pearson has, then reserve your next trip with us at Aeroport Taxi and Limousine. For more information on our services and to reserve your limousine, contact us today.