Assorted Branded Toronto Airport Taxi Units for You

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  • February 26, 2015

Toronto airport taxi companies get a lot of customers all the time who come in small and big numbers. They come for different purposes: leisure, business, education, and others. These various needs necessitate a wide assortment of vehicles for an airport taxi service company’s fleet.

Airport taxis are noted for their luxury and performance. Comfort is top priority, and is usually provided by the spacious interiors with seats that allow space between people who sit together. Seats are normally upholstered with either leather or a luxurious fabric. These rides provide ample head and leg room to accommodate tall riders.

The Lincoln Town Car is one car that airport taxi companies take pride in using. It makes for an adequate ride. It has a comfortable interior, and it travels on the road well. It is characterized by an elongated body for more space and storage for particularly large suitcases.

Another airport limo Toronto travelers would also enjoy riding is the Mercury Grand Marquis, which looks a lot like the Lincoln Town Car except it has slightly more advanced features. For one thing, it has higher scores in safety. In fact, its shell is bulletproof, making it suitable for important people like celebrities, religious and political leaders, and corporate executives to ride in.

Companies like the Aeroport Taxi & Limousine Service also pride themselves for the family vans in their fleet. The Chrysler Town and Country minivan which was introduced in 1984 features a box-like design that maximizes interior space. Like all the other vehicles in the fleet, it is equipped with a good set of safety features. Families travelling with babies and small children may notify the company if they need infant car seats.

The Airport taxi Toronto companies provide can come with facilities for the differently-abled or wheelchair-bound. There are some Chrysler Town and Country units that are customized to accommodate elderly or disabled passengers. Wheelchair-accessible minivans are equipped with mechanical ramps or hydraulic lifts to wheelchairs in and out of the vehicles.