Avoid Extra Charges: Don’t Keep an Airport Limo in Toronto Waiting

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  • September 6, 2013

It is often considered bad manners to keep your guests waiting at a party. If the invitation says the party starts at six in the evening, it should start at six in the evening. If the delay cannot be avoided, then the reason better be worth the wait.

The same goes for an airport limo in Toronto. It can wait for you for as long as possible, but there is a catch. Drivers will charge you $35.00 for every hour you keep them waiting. That’s hefty, especially if you will also be charged for extra luggage, brief stops, and taking the 407.

This isn’t anything new; taxis always charge for waiting in traffic, as they also burn fuel during the wait. While the charge is usually a few cents for every 30 seconds, it can still amount to a few extra dollars. In the case of a Toronto airport limo, you can be charged $0.29 for every half minute of waiting. Is there something you can do to avoid being charged extra for making the chauffeur wait? There is.

Know your exact time of arrival in Toronto and inform the chauffeur the estimated time he should pick you up. Flight Time Calculator online is a tool that can compute the flight time between two airports or cities. Any difference in arrival time is usually in minutes, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Arrive early in your airport of departure so you can check if your flight is expected to leave on time (and arrive on time at the destination). This way, you can contact the limo service right away if there is a change in schedule. There are times when delays are inevitable and unanticipated due to bad weather. Call the airport taxi service the moment you receive word of the delay.

If you have several pieces of luggage or are traveling with a group, chances are you will go through a lot before you can leave the terminal. Airports are even busier during peak season. To avoid being charged for the wait, make sure that the pick-up schedule you give the limo service takes into account the time you will spend in the baggage release, immigration counter, and airport x-rays after disembarking. Give yourself a buffer time. Companies like Aeroport Taxi & Limousine Service can adjust the schedule of their chauffeurs for your convenience.