Avoid Extra Charges: Keep Luggage Light and Tight for Limo Services in Toronto

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  • February 20, 2014


Delta Airlines charges around $90-$300 for checked-in baggage over 50 lbs (but not more than 100 lbs as these won’t be allowed on board). Air Canada charges $75 for bags over 50 lbs or over 63 inches in size (if both, charges apply once). On the ground, transport services often charge as much as $10.00 for excess luggage. 

This is why it’s important to pack light (unless you’re moving for good). Pilots need to keep the total aircraft weight down for safety reasons, as an excessively loaded airliner could be difficult to handle, especially in take offs and landings. Limo services in Toronto also need to keep the luggage in check, as the car can only carry so much. Trips can be fun and breezy when you travel smart and light.

Of course, limo services like Aeroport Taxi & Limousine Service understand that you do have some bags to bring. This is why they operate cars with huge trunk capacity like the Lincoln Town Car. With a maximum cargo capacity of 21 cubic feet, you can fit an average of five large bags in the trunk (a large bag measures around 3.63 cubic feet).

All that cargo and passengers require a powerful engine for the limousine to hold its own in the Toronto traffic. This is why Aeroport’s executive limousines are powered by 302 cui V8 engines, providing the vehicles with the excess horsepower needed to get to where you want to go in less time it would take other cars. If you want a roomier vehicle to carry more bags, you can request for a minivan which allows its entire rear section to be configured as a cargo bay.

Nonetheless, packing light is the best thing to do. You’ll save airlines and limo services in Toronto a great deal of trouble handling your baggage. Here are more smart tips you can follow.

Your long-sleeved shirt for business meetings can also serve as casual clothing. Your pants that you use for going around town can also be used for out-of-town adventures. Giving clothes one more purpose aside from their intended functions can decrease the number of clothes you need to pack.

A bag may appear as full, but it can actually take a few more clothes. Instead of folding clothes, you can roll them to provide more space should you need it.