The Classiest Types of Toronto Airport Shuttle Services

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  • August 1, 2013


When you arrive at Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson International Airport, there are certainly many ways you can get to your destination in the city. However, if you want to get there in style, public transit simply will not suffice. If you’re looking for the most comfortable ways to travel, your best options are a rental car, a taxi, a shared or private Toronto airport shuttle service, or a private limousine. 

Rental Car

Renting your own car is a comfortable and often more practical option. If you decide to go the rental car route, proceed to Level 1 of the parking garage at each terminal where the offices of on-site car rental companies are located. A few downsides of renting a car, however, is that you’ll need to drive yourself, and you’ll have to pay for parking fees apart from your rental fees.


The City of Toronto manages the taxis that service Toronto’s International Airport. This is a way for the city to ensure that safety standards and fare rates are enforced. While taxis from Lester B. Pearson International Airport are metered, you can also opt for a flat rate journey. Taxis are readily available outside every terminal of the airport.

Shared or Private Airport Shuttle Service

Numerous companies offer transit services from the airport to locations inside and outside the Greater Toronto Area. Passengers are free to choose between shared or private airport shuttle services. While the cost of using one of the airport’s many shuttle services depends on the distance travelled, it is generally less expensive than taking taxis.

Private Limousine

Limousines are extremely comfortable sedans. They operate similarly to taxis, but offer a higher standard of service. With a Toronto limo service like Aeroport Taxi & Limousine Service, you will have a uniformed chauffeur who will meet you at the baggage carousel, help you with your luggage, and lead you to your rented vehicle. Booking a limo in advance is preferable, but not necessary. When you arrive at the airport, simply follow the signs to the limo queue, where there is usually just a short wait.

You can certainly choose to go low budget, but if you can afford it, why not indulge in these fine options? With the exception of a rental car, you can have someone drive you to where you’re going so that you can simply kick off your shoes and enjoy the view.