Disembark in Style and Comfort with a Toronto Airport Shuttle Service

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  • February 6, 2014


You want your vacation in Toronto to be memorable, that is, an experience you’ll never forget. No doubt, you’ll visit the elevated CN Tower, the grand Casa Loma, and the kid-friendly Toronto Zoo. But there’s one hurdle you’ll have to get through before your Canadian vacation can even begin: how do you get around Toronto after your plane touches down?

Pearson Airport, located at the heart of Toronto, allows taxis to drop off their passengers at the airport but prohibits the same cabs from fetching them. Only taxi services with prior arrangement or those licensed by the airport may fetch passengers. For a hassle-free vacation, it’s better to coordinate with a Toronto airport shuttle service before your scheduled flight. 

You might be asking why the airport has strict pick-up and drop-off policies for shuttle services. They’re all cabs that do the same thing, right? It’s actually more of a security measure than a way of monopolizing shuttle services. Toronto wants every guest to feel secure the moment they disembark from the plane and step out of the airport.

To truly enjoy the city, some airport-based taxi services offer tour packages for local or out-of-town trips. These are very helpful for first-time tourists who have no idea about must-see places or must-dine-in restaurants in Toronto. The airport shuttle service can also suggest a good hotel and lodging place—a real boon for travelers without the time to arrange them.

For the tourist who wants a more comfortable and pleasant ride, a limo can offer a classier means of getting around. A friendly Toronto limo service like Aeroport can fetch you from the airport to take you where you please. This private and stylish means of travel is perfect not just for well-to-do tourists but also for businessmen visiting Toronto who want to arrive in style.

Toronto’s a great place to visit for business or pleasure. They say that the journey is just as important as the destination, and the means just as important as the end. So let your enjoyable journey begin with a comfortable and worry-free ride, courtesy of an airport-based shuttle service like Aeroport Taxi & Limousine.