How To Avoid Heavy Traffic And Expensive Parking Issues?

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  • February 18, 2020

One of the beautiful things of modern life is the ability to jump into your car and take yourself anywhere you want to. Let’s say you need to get to the airport and pick up a relative on the way over for a visit. You decide against taking an airport taxi, because well, it’s not that far, you have all day and why waste money. This is an understandable line of thinking. Or so it seems.

You pack up your water bottle, some snacks for the road, and a few other things and you’re good to go. See you there in 30 minutes, right?

Not exactly.

When you hit the first traffic light and see how long the lineup to the intersection is, you realize this is not going to be a joy ride. Not at all. After about an hour on the 401, you decide it will be your life goal to move to an island and get around on a helicopter. So what if it’s expensive? It will get you out of the tangle of the metropolitan area with it’s noise and never ending traffic.

While you fantasize like this, another hour passes. Somehow, you are not there yet. You are not quite regretting not taking the airport taxi there, but definitely getting close to it. Toronto taxi companies are reliable and not really that expensive but you are on a mission, and you are sticking to it.

After about 20 or so minutes of pure enjoyment, you enter the airport visitors area. Let’s skip the part where you are confused out of your mind at the tangle of intersecting roads… enveloping the place like a very very solid octopus… and get to the point when we arrive at the pickup area. A line-up of airport taxi cabs is happily humming at the designated area, but you have no place to stop and wait. Besides, it’s only good manners to come inside the terminal and greet your arriving relative.

When you realize how expensive the airport parking is, and add to it a quick calculation of the gas money and time spent… you realize that taking an airport taxi would have been a far better idea. Moreover, you could save yourself the trip altogether and have your visitor arrive at your doorstep at perfect convenience with no hassle at all.

Look, we get it. We do. But the truth of the matter is that any one of the Toronto taxi companies would have saved you the whole ordeal. And in the process would have cost you far less, really.

So, next time, just call us at Aeroport Taxi and enjoy our perfect service at perfectly agreeable rates.