How to Get From Toronto Pearson INTL Airport to the Downtown Core

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  • August 6, 2014

Flying into Toronto’s Pearson International airport is an exciting experience. As Canada’s largest airport, it handles the most aircrafts and the most people within the country. Although it is one of the nation’s most well organized transit systems by air, its ground transportation outside of the airport is less than stellar. The transit system from the airport into downtown Toronto consists of a few local busses, taxi cabs and a sea of cars waiting to pick up loved ones. Essentially, your only way from Toronto airport to downtown core is by bus or by airport taxi or limo. Below is an overview of the public transportation options available at Pearson International Airport, and a breakdown as to why you should reserve an airport taxi or limo during your next trip to Toronto.

Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ)

As the city continues to fight (politically) over expanding subway/metro lines, there’s still no direct transit line from Pearson Airport into downtown Toronto. If you’re looking to take public transit, Go Transit, Brampton Transit, Mississauga Transit, and the TTC provide bus service from Toronto Pearson Airport, and do pickup and drop-off services approximately every 40 minutes. Unfortunately only TTC busses will take passengers into the downtown core, and the average time travelled on a TTC bus to Union Station in downtown Toronto is over 65 minutes. There are rarely any direct buses that take passengers downtown, and most busses require you to transfer at least twice during your ride

These buses only cost a few dollars, varying from three dollars or more per ride, but their pickup times are very infrequent and the overall travel time from Toronto airport to downtown is very long. As well, there is no guarantee you’ll be able to sit down, nor will you be able to stow away your luggage as the majority of the TTC busses serving the airport route do not offer sufficient storage space.

The best way to get to downtown Toronto from Pearson International Airport is by hiring an airport taxi or cab pearson. Once you arrive at the terminal and clear customs, you can call us at 1-800-465-3434 and we will have a car ready for you at the designated transportation post assigned to you at Terminal 1 or Terminal 3. We normally suggest to book a car ahead of time, but on-arrival arrangements are welcomed. From there we will transport you and your guests along with your accompanied luggage downtown, quickly, and far more comfortably than through public transportation. As well, we would be more than happy to drop you off at any destination of your choosing – a service you simply cannot receive from a bus or streetcar!

Toronto Island Airport / Billy Bishop Airport (YTZ)

Transportation into the downtown core from the Toronto Island airport is far less complex, and much more accommodating. Porter airline offers a free shuttle service from the Billy Bishop Airport terminal to the Toronto Go Station. From here you can either walk to your destination, cab or take the TTC to the northern ends of the city using the Yonge Street subway line.

We always suggest to book an airport taxi or limo to pick you up from the ferry terminal or union station, who will then take you to your final destination in the downtown core. Travelling across the city with heavy bags is no easy task, especially on public transit.

Next time you fly into Toronto, whether it be Toronto Pearson International Airport or Billy Bishop Island Airport, make sure to book an airport taxi or airport limo with us. We have vehicles ready that will meet your every need, and will have you comfortably transported to your downtown destination in no time at all!