How to Get to Toronto Island for Flight Takeoff!

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  • June 23, 2015

Known as one of the best small airports in the world, the Billy Bishop Airport on Toronto Island is one of the best places to take flight. Before you can do this however, you need to get to Toronto Island in the first place. When considering how to get to Toronto Island, you must use discretion, because not every method of transportation is the best way to go. That being said, here are the best and worst ways to get to Billy Bishop Airport.

Some of the best methods to get to Toronto Island:

Airport taxi
A taxi is an efficient way to get to Billy Bishop Airport. When you do look for a taxi, make sure that they specialize in airport service, because their drivers will specialize in using the best possible routes to get you from anywhere in the greater Toronto area (GTA) to Toronto Island.

Airport limo

An airport limo provides the exact same benefits of an airport taxi service with one very notable exception: an added touch of luxury. Because you will be riding in a limousine, you can expect the benefit of added services such as the following:

  • Chauffeur meet and greet service to help you get to know your driver
  • A high class style
  • All of the upscale amenities you could want

In addition, the cost of an airport limo service is rarely a great deal higher than that of an airport taxi service.

Large vehicle service options
If you have more than three or four people that you need to get to Toronto Island, then you should hire a transportation company that includes large vehicles like minivans in its fleet. This way, there will be more than enough room for all of your passengers and your luggage.

Transportation methods that you shouldn’t use to get to Toronto Island:

Driving yourself
Whether you are thinking about renting a car or driving your own, don’t. This is always a bad idea when trying to get to Toronto Island, for the following two reasons:

  • You have to navigate the frustrations city traffic to get where you are going
  • You still have to find somewhere to store your car after you get to the ferry to Toronto Island

Shuttle bus
At first glance, a shuttle bus can seem like an efficient way to get you and your entire group to Toronto Island. However this is deceptive, because a shuttle bus can quickly fill up, forcing you to wait until another shuttle arrives. A shuttle bus can stop to drop people off almost as frequently as a city bus, making the trip longer than it should be.

Public transportation
Public transportation is quite possibly the worst transportation option to choose when thinking about how to get to Toronto Island. Buses and streetcars make constant stops, transforming what should have been a ten minute trip into a thirty minute trip. Because of this constant stop and go riding style, their scheduled times of arrival are not always reliable.

With the right transportation solution, you can reach the ferry to Toronto Island with no problem at all.

To get to Toronto island on time for your flight and well prepared, make sure you book an airport taxi or limousine. To reserve yours, or for more information about the service, contact us today!