How to Make Sure You Arrive at the Airport on Time and Relaxed

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  • April 15, 2020

The trip is planned down to the last detail, and you are ready to go. Suitcases at the door, you go downstairs, pack yourself into the cab or uber car, and set sail with perfect peace of mind. After all, what can be simpler than making a taxi to airport connection?

There’s plenty of time to your flight, you made sure of that. Which is why you are not too worried the ride is a bit on the slow side. You shake the city street tangle off and hit the highway. Aaaand the highway hits right back, welcoming you into the iron grip of the traffic jam.

Then you wake up from this nightmare and scream inwardly a little, you decide there has to be a better approach. One that would ensure you avoid such complications and the cold sweat that accompanies them.

Where Did the Hypothetical Taxi to Airport Scenario Go Wrong?

There is more than one point on this list. Let’s go over them one by one.

Calling a taxi or uber just before you leave doesn’t allow you to really factor in current road conditions. Rush hour patterns are only superficially consistent. They change from one day to the next and can be worsened by accidents or road work.

Get your taxi to airport ordered and scheduled in advance, with the arrival time in mind, not just the pickup time. A taxi or airport limo service will then set the pick-up time accordingly because they will have their finger on the traffic pulse, so to speak, and know how much more in advance you should depart.

Also, a Toronto taxi & limo service that specializes in airport rides and offers a flat rate, will always prioritize a shorter ride with less delays.

Metered taxis and other semi-professional services are incentivized to take longer and be paid more. We are not.

And finally, a Toronto taxi & limo service that specializes in taxi to airport rides will know when to take the highway and when to avoid it.

Our drivers know all the possible ways to get there, and will always take the shortest one. A driver who has made this trip once or twice in their career will probably use Google Maps and hope for the best.

And that kind of navigation never takes the street option, even if the highway is packed to a dead stop.

So, if you want a fast and reliable connection, get our Toronto taxi & limo service and enjoy the perfect peace of mind it ensures!