Let Aeroport Taxi Get You to the Airport in a Wheelchair Accessible Taxi

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  • July 23, 2015

Disability is not inability and while a person with a physical handicap can be as independent as anyone else, they can face additional challenges when it comes to travel methods that are accessible. When traveling away from home by plane, finding transportation to get to and from the airport may be a problem. It is a problem that is conveniently and comfortably eliminated with service that offers a wheelchair accessible taxi service.

Getting you to and From the Airport in Style

Aeroport Taxi & Limousine offers those who are living with disability dedicated airport transportation services including wheelchair accessible taxi service. When you are traveling with a family member or a colleague who uses a wheelchair, hiring a taxi that can safely and comfortably accommodate them makes things much easier for everyone.

A wheelchair accessible taxi is a vehicle that has been customized to make it easier for a person using a wheelchair to get into it without having to get out of their wheelchair. On the outside they look just like ordinary vehicles, except they have ramps built into them so that someone sitting in a wheelchair can be wheeled in. Wheelchair accessible vehicles will typically have a lowered floor, an in-built ramp or lift and wheelchair tie downs for holding the chair in place as the vehicle moves. They will also have access from the back or side of the vehicle and a raised roof to give extra headroom.

We have small, medium and large executive wheelchair accessible taxis, as well as limousines or taxi vans. You should book one according to how the disabled person is able to get in and out of the vehicle, the size of the wheelchair and how many people will be traveling in the taxi or limousine. You should also consider how much luggage you have and the kind of vehicle that would provide the comfort and safety that you need. For instance, one who is a wheelchair following surgery would be most comfortable in a wheelchair accessible limousine.

Airport Service

Wheelchair accessible taxis are available to and from Pearson International Airport and Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. Aeroport’s wheelchair accessible taxis will get everyone home safely and comfortably. If you are departing from the airport, you may have your own specially fitted car but it would have to remain there and accrue parking fees before you get back and collect it. With Aeroport you get competitive, discounted standard rates and you are driven by a professional chauffeur who is officially dressed for their duties. You can also count on being dropped off or picked up at the airport on time with no delays.

45 Years of Service

Since 1968, the Aeroport has provided wheelchair accessible taxi’s as well as standard vehicle airport transportation services in the Greater Toronto Area. This is done with a fleet that total more than vehicles of executive taxis, executive limousines and taxi vans. The service is provided to individuals and over 250 corporate clients. To learn more about our wheelchair accessible taxi options and to reserve yours, contact us today!