Planning a Romantic Getaway? Try an hourly limo service!

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  • February 3, 2015

Whether you’re planning a romantic Valentine’s Day meal or a romantic getaway with a special someone, plan to arrive in style by hiring a limo to collect you from the airport. Even a short flight lasting an hour or so means several hours of waiting at airports, getting through the gates and security, and waiting for your bags. Relying on public transport or trying to get a taxi when you arrive only adds to make the experience less enjoyable. Why not get your special evening off to an unforgettable start by using an hourly limo service?

Why Use an Hourly Limo Service

Taking a limo from the airport can mean that you will be greeted at the exit, have your luggage carried for you, and you will be transported safely and quietly in a luxurious and prestigious car to your destination, should you choose this sure-to-please option. What’s more, when it does come time to leave, you can be sure that you will arrive at the airport in plenty of time to check in, because your driver will monitor traffic, use the quickest and most reliable route, and ensure that you not only arrive on time but stress free too.

Opting for professional limo service provides you with a prestigious, luxury vehicle that is sure to get your romantic evening off to the right start. The cars are well maintained, both inside and out, climate controlled whether in winter, spring, summer or fall and well-appointed to suit your expectations.

Your limo will be driven by a professionally dressed chauffeur in suit and tie (tuxedo, hat & glove service optional). When taking your limo to the airport, the driver will keep track of your arrival or departure time, and ensure that they are ready and waiting or that you are ready and waiting for the plane when it arrives.

Every driver knows their way around the city, and has the latest in satellite navigation features in their car to be certain that they can get you to your chosen hotel or venue. Aeroport Taxi offers a wide range of high quality, late model cars, along with qualified and professional drivers. We ensure that our clients enjoy an unparalleled service and will ensure that our limousine is one of the reasons that you have a truly memorable romantic getaway in Toronto.