Protect Against Covid-19 With an Airport Limo

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  • November 19, 2020

Since the first days of 2020 and all through the spring and summer, we have come to understand our lives will never be the same. And yet, life goes on. It has to.

And we also understand that staying home is not really an option, not for most of us, and especially for those who have to travel. If you need to take a taxi to the airport, consider using a Airport Limousine Toronto service instead.

Why? Because in addition to the obvious benefits of riding in style and luxury, you will also be enjoying an extra serving of safe, a-la-carte.

We as a company specializing in Limo Service Toronto and the GTA, have put in place a strict set of rules and practices that make it extra safe as well as comfortable for our riders.

We keep our regular cabs in extra clean condition and sanitize between riders but given the hectic nature of the work, this can only be done up to a point. The Airport Limousine Toronto drivers on the other hand have the additional time to make sure the interiors are nothing less than pristine when you enter the vehicle.

So What Do We Do Exactly to Ensure the Health and Safety of Our Passengers?

Vehicles are thoroughly disinfected after every ride. Drivers on the Airport Limousine Toronto route take this rule very seriously, so you can be safe in the knowledge your vehicle is in perfect condition every time you take a ride. This includes not only high touch surfaces, but everything that the previous rider came in view of, not just in contact with. This includes seats, arm rests, ceiling lights, side panels, window panes, door handles, headrests, air vents. The procedure is more or less a micro detailing of the entire interior with sanitizer.

Our chauffeurs make sure air circulation in the vehicles is perfect. Stale air being a potential health hazard, we ensure that when you take a Limousine Service Toronto ride, you are always breathing fresh air. This may cause minimal discomfort by reducing the efficiency of A/C or heating but it’s a small thing to bear to ensure the safety of passengers.

In addition to wearing a protective mask and using hand sanitizer, our chauffeurs also carry a stock of complimentary masks and sanitizer wipes for our esteemed passengers. Pickups and dropoffs are curbside, which is not as comfortable but also far safer for you and all involved.

This is an overview of the primary measures our Limo Service Toronto takes to ensure your safety and the safety of those who travel with you.