Ride in Luxury with Toronto Airport Limo and Taxi Services

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  • September 19, 2013

When was the last time you gave yourself a luxurious treat? Once you’re a parent, your needs often take a back seat, especially when children and loved ones are involved. So every once in a while, indulge yourself in something extravagant for a refreshingly welcome change of scene. If you’re looking to pamper yourself, maybe on your next vacation to Canada, why not arrive and ride around in style on a posh limousine?

Airport Limousines and Taxi Services Offer a Variety of Lavish Comfort

There are several Toronto airport limo providers, such as Aeroport Taxi and Limousine Service, to kick off your deluxe vacation. They have an assortment of limousine styles in their fleet that you can choose from. Here are some of the popular choices.

Classic Limo

If you’re a lover of vintage items and want to feel like royalty, a classic limousine is the perfect ride that is designed to embody class and tradition. However, this kind of limo is more often hired for formal events like proms or weddings and can be a bit more expensive compared to other limos. But, if there is someone you wish to impress or you simply want to know what it feels like to cruise on these beautiful classic limousines, what’s there to stop you?

Standard Stretch Limo

When you hear the word limo, this is probably the kind of vehicle that you have in mind. Stretch limousines are the most well-known and maybe even the most rented vehicle among the fleet of Toronto and Oakville airport limo services. This long-bodied limo is spacious, comfortable, and above all, features several “luxuries” like mini bars and plasma screen TVs for an opulent and high-tech interior.

Sedan Limo

Now, a sedan limo is what you would want to take the luxury down a notch, but still have a fancy ride. This is a great alternative to the usual taxi and is commonly preferred for business trips and airport travel. It may not have as much of a striking presence on the road as with the previous two above, but it’s shiny and sleek exterior can still make a statement. Toronto airport shuttle or transportation services that rent out limousines don’t limit their client’s extravagant experience to their vehicles. They also offer trained chauffeur services and guaranteed on-time quality service. With them around, the first day of your vacation can never go wrong.