Safety Tips and Guidelines When Riding a Toronto Airport Taxi

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  • August 29, 2013


If you-re going to Toronto for the first time, did you make sure all your essential travel items and luggage are ready? As you read through Toronto travel guides and plan your itinerary, one thing you must never forget is transportation safety. Other than airplanes, buses, rental cars, and trains, a common method of transit for travelers are taxis.

In fact, the moment you arrive on the plane terminal, you-ll most likely be hiring a Toronto airport taxi to get to your hotel or destination. If you didn-t do adequate research, the stress of competing with other commuters will be aggravated by your lack of familiarity with the city-s ins and outs. Hence, it-s normal for travelers to feel anxious when riding a vehicle in a foreign land, or at least in another city. Is the cabby taking you to the right place? Has the meter been tampered with? These can be your initial concerns while in the taxi. To enhance your security while traveling, the following are some taxi safety tips to remember:

Take the Back Seat

This advice is mainly directed to individuals who are traveling alone-particularly the ladies. If you don-t have a companion, seat in the rear as much as possible. This is to prevent any kind of physical or sexual assault. Don-t think that sitting in the back is a sign of rudeness. Most taxi drivers understand that passengers are simply being cautious.

Know Your Destination

Whether you-re riding a taxi or an airport limo Toronto transportation companies offer, such as Aeroport Taxi & Limousine Service, it wouldn-t hurt to know where you-re going. It can help you keep out of trouble and lets you appreciate the city-s sights or landmarks. If you-re doubtful where the cabby is taking you, get out as soon as the opportunity arises.

Check for Ads or Phone Numbers

More often than not, a legitimate taxi company will plaster its contact info and marketing stickers on visible parts of their vehicles. A cab without a phone number or promotional materials on it should be taken as a red flag. Why would a reputable taxi company not want to advertise? Unless other taxis look the same, don-t get in and wait for another one.

Look for a Taxi Meter and Radio

It’s vital for an airport taxi Toronto tourists and residents ride to have a taxi meter and radio. These devices are one of the good indicators a taxi belongs to an authorized company. Hailed a cab without these gadgets? Politely wave it by.