Steps To Take For A Safe Journey To a Quarantine Center

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  • July 13, 2021

When Canadians return from travels abroad, one of the requirements they face is a mandatory stay in a quarantine hotel. The stay is for three days and you have your choice of locations to pick from and we are here to help you with more than just providing an Airport Taxi for Quarantine Hotel stay.

The way you prepare and the choices you make will directly impact the cost and quality of your stay in the designated location. Moreover, we may be able to offer an idea of how to avoid this costly delay altogether, which we cover in other blog articles.

For now, here are a few things you will need to do, may want to consider or should prepare for:

Prepare to Get Tested

When you land and even before leaving the airport and taking a Taxi for Quarantine Center, you will be provided with a COVID-19 test kit you will need to use during the quarantine period.

Getting Vaccinated In Advance

It helps a lot to ensure you are vaccinated before traveling. There are exemptions for fully vaccinated individuals in the works and even though they are not in place just yet, by the time you travel they may be. This may mean all the difference between planning your Transportation from Airport to Quarantine Hotel and going directly home from the airport.

Pack for More Strict Mask Rules

On the way, in the Airport Taxi for Quarantine Hotel and on the way in, you will be expected to wear a face mask. The masks the government insists you use may not have valves or vents so prepare in advance. But if you don’t we have you covered. Our chauffeurs carry enough spare medical grade masks for you to use as part of our service.
If you are exempt from wearing a mask due to one reason or another, make sure you carry the document certifying that. You are likely to be asked to produce it by a public safety officer or screening officer.

All Of-Board! Rule

Pearson airport doesn’t allow greeters to meet you inside when you land so you have to exit the terminal right away, as soon as you pick up your luggage. There will be a lot of people looking for rides once you are all out and not a lot of them to go around. This is why getting your Taxi for Quarantine Center booked in advance may be a very prudent idea.
In absolutely any case, we are here to assist, inform and be of help in any way possible.