Taking a Family Vacation? Hire an Airport Taxi to Get You to and From the Terminal

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  • October 8, 2014

When planning a family vacation, there is much to consider. First, the family must decide on the vacation destination they wish to travel to, and then choose the appropriate travel accommodations. This is a time consuming process, and plenty of effort is made to make sure the vacation goes off without a hitch, and is a truly memorable experience. Although, one of the biggest factors that many families fail to consider is airport transportation, and how they are going to get to and from the terminal. Below is an overview of why you should hire and airport taxi to take you and your family to and from the airport.

Easy and Comfortable Travel

One of the biggest reasons to take an airport taxi to the terminal is for its sheer comfort and convenience. All of our airport taxis are late model limousines, and feature comfortable leather seating, with ample space and leg room for the entire family. When you take an airport limo to Pearson International, you are provided with a stress free transportation solution that allows you to begin your vacation that much sooner. You don’t have to deal with traffic, wait for multiple connecting busses or even have to worry about hailing a cab.

By simply booking the airport taxi of your choice ahead of time, you are guaranteed the airport taxi of your choosing. Whether you’re looking for an executive limousine, or a spacious executive minivan, you are provided with the exact transportation solution that meets your needs. We provide you the comfort of an executive limousine, and peace of mind knowing that you’re ride will be waiting for you upon your arrival!

Affordable Transportation Solution

An equally important reason to take an airport taxi or limo, is the sheer affordability of service. Many believe that taking an airport taxi is extremely costly, and will end up being too expensive compared to taking a cab, using public transit or even driving. This couldn’t be more wrong!

An airport taxi will cost less than parking for a week at the airport, taking a cab, and will soon be less expensive than the Pearson Union Express train (projected to cost $20-$32.00 per rider)! The cost of taking an airport taxi to or from the downtown core only costs $48.00 with Aeroport Taxi! Therefore, hiring an airport taxi makes the most sense for those looking for a stress free and affordable transportation solution.

Instead of breaking the bank, and stressing out about getting to the airport, take an airport taxi to the terminal. You are guaranteed to arrive in comfort and in style, and most importantly – at a cost far less than you would have imagined! Use our online booking tool, or call us today at 1-800-4653434 to schedule a pickup!