The Best Features of an Airport Taxi

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  • January 20, 2015

The features that set an airport taxi apart from the rest are certainly not limited to style. Although the undeniable aesthetics of a clean, stylish mode of transportation are certainly one of numerous practical reason to opt for this form of transportation.  Your choice of transportation reflects your own sense of professionalism, efficiency, comfort and the value you place on your own safety.  You know that using an airport taxi or limo will reduce the stress of travel and will improve your work performance.

Key Features

  • Flat rates to and from destination
  • Formally dressed chauffeurs (hat and glove service available)
  • Personalized pick up from your gate
  • Modern fleet
  • Spotless and comfortable interior
  • On-time arrival and departure pick ups
  • Help with luggage
  • Wheelchair accessibility available on request
  • Parcel delivery and pick up service

While fellow passengers rush to find buses and rental cars, you will have the luxury and comfort of simply walking out of the airport with your driver and stepping into the quiet, calm interior of your luxury vehicle. Your driver will deal with the traffic logistics of getting you out of the crowded airport terminal, and you can just sit back and relax in your soft leather seat.  If you are traveling for work, you will be able to open your laptop or phone immediately catch up on your emails and make any necessary calls.  For those who book the higher end services, you can enjoy a cool refreshment while you take a look at the local paper or watch the scenery fly by. If you don’t have local currency right away upon landing – no problem – you can charge it all through your online account.

Additional Benefits

  • convenient online booking system
  • corporate or personal account set up
  • easy to book for staff (and impress visitors)
  • control overhead expenses by using one supplier for all your company needs
  • easy tracking of financials via a monthly statement

If your business requires a lot of travel for yourself and your staff, you can negotiate special rates based on volume with your provider.  Once you are established as a VIP client, you and your team will never have to worry about transportation to and from the airport again.  The airport taxi covers the Greater Toronto Area and has the ability to set up longer trips for you as needed.  They also offer an hourly service that has all the same great features that the airport taxi has.

It’s a matter of investment logic – invest in stress reduction – and your return on that investment will be a more efficient and happy team with better productivity for your business.  Even if it is just for yourself, why go with anything less than the best?  With all the other pressures of doing business these days, it’s nice to know how easy it is to take control of this one necessary component of the travel experience.