The Difference Between a Toronto Airport Taxi Flat Rate and Metered Payment

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  • September 1, 2015

When you land in a Toronto airport, a taxi flat rate might seem like the obvious way to get to your local destination. The flat rate is the preferred payment method for most taxi journeys, and for seemingly good reasons: you know your costs ahead of time, you can negotiate with different companies to get the lowest cost. But Toronto airport taxi flat rates.

Flat Rates

Toronto Airport Taxi Flat rates are the preferred method of taxi payment by most passengers. With a flat rate, you know exactly what you’ll be paying prior to the end of the trip, and can better prepare for that fee. This makes it easier to expense or write off a taxi trip, and causes less overall anxiety than watching a meter grow in price.

Flat rates are determined by the Greater Toronto Airports Authority and we provide a discounted flat rate to Pearson Airport. The flat rates were determined with many variables; the estimation of distance driven, gas costs. Unlike meter payments, flat rates aren’t raised while sitting in heavy traffic or idling between stoplights. Regardless of if your trip takes twice as long due to heavy traffic or weather such as snow, the rate won’t change.

Metered Payment

In the city of Toronto, metered payments are determined by a strict group of laws; no limo company is able to be more or less expensive than the next. For each 0.143 km driven, 25 cents is added, each 29 seconds of waiting time is also an addition of 25 cents. There is also a start off fee of $4.25 when you enter the vehicle, regardless of how far or how fast your driver gets you to your location.

On average, there are fewer people that prefer to use a metered payment. Watching the fare increase while not moving can be frustrating, and you have no ability to determine the final cost of the trip. If something on the road impedes with your taxi ride, you may end up paying more than you need to. Drivers are allowed however to pause the meter if they are stuck in traffic and not in motion, but this is up to their digression.

Which is Better?

The true answer on which method of travel is better, as both rely on variables outside of your control. When you request a flat rate, there’s a possibility that the drive is simple and without traffic, and you end up paying more but generally Aeroport’s discounted flat rates are consistent and much cheaper then metered taxicabs or other services. Taking a metered service may leave you in congested traffic and will pay significantly more.

Choosing a standard taxi fare should be done out of personal preference. If you’d prefer to know what you’re paying ahead of time and not worry about a rising meter, Toronto airport taxi flat rates are the selection for you.

With Aeroport Taxi and Limousine we offer Toronto airport taxi flat rates instead of metered payments for your trip from Pearson or Billy Bishop. As Toronto’s premiere taxi and limousine company, we have vehicles that will meet your need and your budget. To reserve your next taxi or limousine, contact us today!