The Major Benefits of Hiring an Airport Taxi on your way to Quarantine Hotel

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  • August 2, 2021

The rules for self quarantine upon returning to Canada by air are still in place and will be for non inoculated travelers for some time. When you are facing this requirement, there are several options for you in terms of how to get there. And we would like to make a case for taking a Quarantine Taxi from Airport directly to the place of your stay.

In case you are not familiar with this requirement, what we are referring to is a mandatory 3 stay in a quarantine hotel or quarantine centre upon your return to Canada from travels. This is put in place as part of ensuring the (also mandatory) 14 day self isolation most of which is to be done at your place of residence. The government saw fit to impose a 3 day stay in a designated hotel due to the 3 day wait for COVID-19 test results. And for the moment, it is in place for everyone, including vaccinated Canadians. So why do we suggest that an Airport Taxi for Quarantine Hotel is your best option?

Easy Connection

This is simple, you get a Quarantine Taxi from Airport and don’t have to worry about parking your own vehicle, having anyone come pick you up or any other things that will add to the hassle you are already in for.

Timed Pick Up

With a taxi, as opposed to other means of Transportation from Airport to Quarantine Hotel, you set up the pickup time and can count on it to be there. Also there’s the added bonus of the drivers already being familiar with all nearby quarantine locations and are able to drive you there with zero difficulty.

We Know the Neighbourhood

You’re in for a 3 day stay and we are here to help you settle in and stay fed and hydrated. This means a taxi driver can stop along the way or circle back to bring any stuff for you to enjoy during your stay that you may have left behind. This can be a phone charger, your favourite video game you left at home or some groceries. A taxi driver in this case is perfectly positioned to be your personal concierge.

Comfortable Ride

A taxi is not just a means of Transportation from Airport to Quarantine Hotel, in the sense that it’s there to get you from point A to point B. It is more than that. We can’t speak for the competition but our taxis are comfy! With chauffeurs to help with luggage, you are in for a comfy ride.