The smart way to avoid airport taxi scams

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  • January 15, 2020

You are a reasonable person. That is the reason why you don’t mind paying for a service that you want to use, like a cab to or from the airport. What you don’t like is being scammed by service providers who take advantage of your naivety when using a local service for the first time. When it comes to consumers who fall prey to deceptive airport taxi scams, one of the best ways to avoid being victimized is to do your research before cab booking online.

When you’re not accustomed to dealing with the nuances of airport taxi rentals, it’s easy to fall victim to unscrupulous drivers who aren’t affiliated with reputable cab companies. If you haven’t arranged your airport taxi booking via a well-established cab company prior to your arrival, you’re an easy target for companies and independent drivers who troll airports looking for people in need of personal ground transportation. There are hundreds of stories out of Toronto’s Pearson airport where unmetered drivers pick up wayward travellers who wind up paying way too much money for their ride to their destination. Booking taxi to airport service online is one verified way to avoid being scammed by unscrupulous drivers. For example, Aeroport Taxi and Limousine Service offers an easy-to-navigate website featuring an online flat rate calculator that lets you quickly determine what your airport taxi service should cost. That rate include the 13 percent harmonized sales tax and any additional fees applied to pre-booked pickups from Toronto Pearson Airport. By cab booking online you know all the costs of trip up front, so you can avoid the often uncomfortable and confrontation argument with a driver who clearly tries to rip you off at the end of your trip.

Airport taxing booking with Aeroport helps you eliminate the risks of booking with app-based or ride-sharing services that offer you their “Forrest Gump” version of taxi service – the kind where you’re never exactly sure what you’re going to get. With Aeroport, you get a well-maintained late model vehicle, and a choice of vehicle from luxury SUV to fully-accessible vans that can accommodate your own personal travel requirements. You also get a professional trained driver in a uniform, someone clearly identifiable as a professional driver. You also get Aeroport’s service guarantees that come with having operated a successful taxi to airport service for more than four decades.

Avoid the potential for bad service and high cost airport taxis. Book with a reputable company that allows you to arrange your ride far in advance. Book with Aeroport Taxi and Limousine.