Tips to Follow If You Are Hiring an Airport Limousine for the First Time

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  • November 29, 2021

Making it on time to the airport is the number one priority for every traveler. Whether you are going on a business or pleasure trip, there is nothing more dreadful than missing a flight. This is why choosing a reliable means of transportation is a critically important decision. If you are looking for an airport taxi limo company to take you to the airport, there are some criteria to follow that would allow you to make a good decision.

By “good decision” we mean of course an airport limo service that will be reliable, comfortable, pleasant, and reasonably priced. A balance of cost and qualities. After all, it is important to get what you pay for and enjoy the benefits of riding in a limousine. Most limousine service Toronto companies will help you with luggage, drive safely and make for a comfortable ride but not all companies are the same. 

And here is how to discern between them, making the best possible choice.

Research and Shortlist

Start by googling and making a list of 4-5 most prominent limousine service Toronto companies to contact. Getting a name from a friend or relative who has experience riding with one of them definitely earns bonus points. 

Check and Compare

When contacting them, ask the companies regarding their license to operate in your airport as well as their liability insurance. One other often overlooked point is to ask whether their chauffeurs get background checks as part of their hiring process. 

Ask about their Fleet

A serious limousine company will have a versatile fleet offering a choice of vehicles to its customers. Limousines can come in all shapes and sizes, from sedan to SUV, and everything in between including wheelchair accessible vans and more. 

Assess Costs and Services

Make sure to ask in advance what the airport limo service includes and how much it is going to cost. This may include vehicle features and additional services such as extra assistance with luggage, car Wi-Fi, charging ports for electronic devices, refreshments, generous legroom, and so on. A clean bill of costs should not be a problem to present and will eliminate last-minute surprises. The rate should also be flat and final, without hidden fees and surcharges. 

Agree on a Method of Payment

Getting this processed and agreed on in advance will eliminate another point of stress from your airport travel. Most if not all airport taxi limo companies will offer a choice of payment methods and options of when to do so. Choose yours and agree on it at the time of booking. 

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