Travelling in Style in an Airport Limo in Toronto

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  • February 13, 2014


Touring the big cities, such as Toronto, can be a pain in the neck when you have to drive through streets you aren’t all that familiar with. When you seem to have overrated your navigational skills, and need to start over, your saving grace would be to hire a reliable Toronto airport limo. These classy rides are not just for airport destinations, though, despite the name. A limousine, after all, was made for comfortable travel. 

The term limousine was inspired by the French region of the same name. The first automobile limousine was developed in 1902 to allow passengers some privacy, as the driver sat separate from the covered passenger compartment. The first long or “stretch” limousines were made in Arkansas, sometime around 1928. They were primarily used to transport band members and their instruments.

Sedans are among the most common vehicles used as limousines, with other types, such as the Hummer, also gaining popularity. Custom shops chop cars, and fabricate chassis and body inserts to extend the cabins, producing stretch limousines. Early designs had the car seats facing forward, allowing passengers more leg room. Today’s limo cars, as we know them, have much longer seats facing each other to enable parties or conferences while on the road.

Limos Today

Limos are still widely utilized for passenger transport. Though these cars are popularly portrayed as vehicles for the rich and famous, many limousine services for hire are used by the general public through airport service companies, such as AeroPort Taxi and Limousine Service. These companies maintain an outstanding fleet of rental vehicles suitable for any occasion.

The Limo Advantage

Hiring an airport limousine in Toronto gets you to the popular destinations of the city in comfort and style; and at reasonable prices. You don’t have to suffer through the prospect of waiting for a cab from the airport or anywhere in the city. The service can be booked ahead of time so you can have your car waiting at the airport upon your arrival. The name of the game is convenience.

Transport services can help you enjoy your vacation without having to hail a taxi or consult visitors maps for directions. They relieve you of the stress and exhaustion of road travel that could ruin your trip. Having your own limo could make your vacation or business trip as relaxing, enjoyable, and productive as you can hope it to be.