Valuable Tips To Avoid Holdups At The Airport

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  • November 25, 2019

There are two kinds of air travellers – those that hate it, and those that love it. Clearly, those who love it have a system worked out to alleviate the frustration and hassle involved in travelling to and from the airport. One pillar of such a system is properly utilizing the services of an airport taxi.

Anyone who has ever flown knows what to expect at the airport, whether it’s one of the airports accessible near the GTA or your ultimate destination. Jets may travel faster than the speed of sound, but airport security lines sure don’t. Neither does the traffic in and around the airport. The first valuable tip you should consider next time you travel is to book an airport cab service to pick you up and drop you off. By booking your taxi to airport service in advance, you are guaranteed to have a car at your door to pick you up with ample time to make your flight. You’ll have a professional driver, a well-appointed airport taxi sedan, SUV or luxury limousine – you decide what kind of car you want providing your service. Your driver takes on the responsibility of getting you through the crazy traffic across the GTA, taking into account the time of day, the traffic patterns, the weather and the endless construction to ensure they deliver you to the right terminal and the right gate on time.

Another tip to help you avoid hold-ups at the airport is to know how and what to pack. Security at airports is tight, and so are the ever-changing regulations that determine what you can and can’t bring onto an airplane in your carry-on. When you want to breeze through security, always pre-pack any liquids in a transparent zip-lock bag, and make sure none of those containers are larger than 100ml size. All electronic devices, from laptops to cellphones, have to be pulled out in advance for security check. The more you arrive prepared, the quicker you’re through the security check.

While your airport is tasked with getting you to the airport, you still have a responsibility to ensure your airport travel experience goes smooth with zero hold-ups. One important tip to remember once you’re inside the terminal is to check flight boards and listen to P.A. announcements. Pull the headphones off and listen for things like gate changes and flight delays. There’s nothing that escalates your stress level faster than a last-minute revelation that you’re standing that the wrong gate for departure.

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