Vehicles Used in Toronto Airport Limo Services

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  • January 9, 2014


Limo services are convenient means for busy travelers to get from the airport to wherever it is they have to go, whether their hotel, or a meeting. This form of transportation is rather useful for businessmen, celebrities, journalists, political and religious leaders, and the like who need to attend scheduled events as soon as their flight arrives in Toronto. Fortunately, reliable Toronto airport limo services usually offer varied selections of vehicles to fit their customers’ needs. 

Airport limousine services typically use luxury cars for the sake of passenger comfort and safety. Luxury cars have spacious interiors, and seats often upholstered with the finest, most comfortable materials. They are, likewise, very comfortable and conducive for the relaxation of passengers as they are driven to their hotel or meeting venue.

Many airport limousines are full-size luxury sedans that are more spacious than “civilian” sedans. Luxury sedans are touted for their excellent performance, high safety ratings, smooth and quiet ride, and ample interior space. These characteristics make luxury sedans ideal for tall passengers who tend to feel cramped in hatchbacks, compact cars, and coupés.

A popular example is the Lincoln Town Car, which is used in many airport limousine services. The Lincoln Town Car is visibly longer than family sedans, providing more leg room and luggage space. Through the years, many Lincoln Town Cars were converted into stretch limousines, making them a popular variant of the full-size luxury sedan line.

The Mercury Grand Marquis is related to the Lincoln Town Car, in part because it’s also under the Ford brand. It looks like a slightly bigger version of an ordinary sedan, and therefore less likely to attract attention on the road. It’s also slightly elongated and has wide overhead and leg space with either cloth or leather upholstered seats like the Lincoln Town Car. Both cars are as safe as they are comfortable.

Toronto airport limo services from service providers such as Aero Port Taxi & Limousine Service also offer minivans, specifically the Chrysler Town and Country for larger groups. These minivans can comfortably accommodate six people. The company can fit these vans with baby seats if needed, and just to be informed of this requirement in advance. The company is also equipped with wheelchair-accessible minivans which have to be reserved in advance for passengers with special needs.