What are Aeroport Taxi’s Policies Towards Pets

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  • September 23, 2019

There’s a heightened social awareness about the effects of mental illness and depression. People are being woke to the fact a lot of people are truly suffering. The advent of therapy animals as a form of treatment has given rise to issues like animal access in restaurants, office building, and even airlines. If you have a therapy animal or just a beloved family pet, you may want to get informed about the kind of policies that exist for animals travelling in your Brampton airport taxi.

At Aeroport Taxi and Limousine, for example, there are certain guidelines in place that deal with transporting animals in their cabs, luxury town cars and minivans. As a customer-service oriented business, Aeroport does allow for the transportation of pets when booking your taxi to airport service. There has to be some reasonable assumption that the pet is comfortable travelling, is not too big to transport or is restrained in some humane way to ensure both the driver and passenger remain safe during the trip. Any Brampton taxi cab driver can tell you, transporting passengers can be stressful enough, especially around last call or in areas with a high volume of passengers looking for rides – like after a hockey game or concert for example. Trying to safely focus on the roads while a snarling, out of control dog is in the bag seat is almost impossible, so the driver does have some discretion when picking up passengers.

To be clear, there is an additional charge for transporting pets. Aeroport Taxi and Limo has a high standard of cleanliness for all its vehicles, so transporting pets and animals that shed means any car, luxury SUV or minivan has to go in for detailing before another passenger can be picked up. The costs for transporting pets and animals are reasonable, and any customer can find out what the additional cost would be simply by asking when booking their Brampton airport taxi. To make the process smoother, potential Brampton taxi cab customers should call to discuss the type and size of the animal requiring transport.

If a cab customer is climbing into a taxi to airport pick-up accompanied by a therapy pet, Aeroport Taxi drivers are trained to be aware that their passenger may have some special needs, or be suffering from some type of illness. It’s part of their responsibilities as Aeroport Taxi drivers to be courteous and conscientious to all passengers. Being a proactive customer and working with your cab driver to ensure safe travels for your pet just make it easier for everyone involved. Aeroport Taxi and Limousine.