What are Airport Limo Rates?

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  • January 5, 2015

When travelling, organizing all your transportation presents its own issues and challenges. This is especially so when you travel for business and will only be in town for a brief time period. Above all you want to present an image of professionalism and success. In business a first impression is something you only get one chance on and it can greatly influence your success. Airport limo services take a lot of the work out of securing the right kind of transportation and having it ready for your arrival.

However, you may think such luxury and professionalism is beyond your affordability. This is simply not the case. Airport limo rates are far more affordable than you may think and also very straightforward. The following information is a brief overview of our airport limo rates.

Airport Limo Rates: Distance Rates

Naturally your expenses vary greatly depending on where you need to go. To give a general idea of expenses consider the following. If traveling from the airport to postal code M4K in East York, Ontario you’d be looking at a drive of roughly 35 km (give or take depending on location) and at a cost of $56.00 for a 27 minute trip. A rough estimate of $1.60 per km within the greater Toronto area should give you a rough idea of your distance expense. Travel to nearby cities is also available. For example nearby Hamilton has a charge of approximately $86.00 to arrive in their downtown and the hour drive to nearby St. Catharines would run you a distance expense of $136.00 for the trip.

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As you can see Aeroport’s airport limo rates are very affordable. Our affordable rates provide you with the ability to conduct business in the greater Toronto area and its surrounding communities with style and class.

Easily compare the cost of taxi cabs in cities around the world, and you will find that our rates are among the most competitive in not only the GTA, but across many metropolitan cities worldwide.

Airport Limo Rates: Additional Expenses

  • Additional charge of $3.00 when upgrading to a limo as opposed to an executive taxi.
  • Carrying of excess luggage is an additional charge of $10.00.
  • Transporting a pet: additional fee of $6.00 applies.
  • Driver wait times are billed at $35/hour.
  • Additional stops on the way to your destination carry a $10.00 per stop charge.
  • A $10.00 pickup fee is charged with pre booking. However, an overall cost discount is applied through this method.

Why Choose Aeroport’s Services?

Aside from affordable airport limo rates, we provide a level of service and professionalism that is difficult to match. Our limos are meticulously maintained and cleaned and our drivers are professional in both dress and behaviour. We meet you at the airport and walk you to your transportation assuring your arrival is an organized one. Plus we can drop any necessary business documentation or packages at locations of your choice.

As a whole, our transportation offerings are among the most competitive in all of the Greater Toronto Area. With consistent low pricing, as opposed to the “surge cost” models employed by services such as Uber – we provide the optimal airport transportation solution. We ensure that you and your guests arrive to your destination in comfort and in style at competitively low prices.

With affordable airport limo rates and truly high quality services, don’t hesitate to hire Aeroport Taxi & Limousine for your next trip. Be sure to book in advance via phone or online form to assure the best prices and guaranteed pick-up times.