What Are the Benefits of Choosing Limo Services Over Rideshare Services?

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  • December 15, 2021

Ride sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft have made some serious shifts in the market of on call transportation. And back in the days when they popped up, traditional taxi services could indeed use a wakeup call to rise and shine into the 21st century. But time has gone by and now the question is, are ride sharing options still the best way of getting from Whitby to Toronto airport?

Much like every new kid on the block, Uber has made quite an appearance and set new standards to rider expectations. However, is it really still the preferable way to travel? And the answer really is… no, it is not. Let’s have a look at why it’s now best to take a Whitby taxi or Whitby airport limo to Toronto instead.

Benefits of Taking a Whitby Airport Limo :

Road Safety

The one advantage that professional taxi companies had all along and never went anywhere is safety. Even when Uber was still more affordable, the drivers it employed were just vehicle owners. The minimal requirements to become an Uber driver meant you don’t get a professional to drive you. A limousine chauffeur on the other hand is infinitely more reliable in the way they conduct themselves on the road.

Personal Safety

You might be taken aback, but the number of incidents reported against Uber drivers is staggering. The statistics include dozens of deaths, over 300 alleged assaults, most of them of sexual nature and more than a few other things. Those range from kidnappings and kidnapping attempts, to drivers with felonies and impostors. Most of this is completely unthinkable in case of a Whitby taxi company chauffeur. All taxi and limo drivers undergo stringent background checks and are held to superior standards of personal and professional conduct.

Budget Friendly

We had mentioned in passing that Uber prices are not an advantage anymore and this is something worth expanding on. While they started with low price tags, ride sharing companies have gradually raised them. Relying on a loyal client base of app users, new variable pricing policies were introduced.

Those can hike a fare to twice or three times more because of traffic or a high demand. At the same time, Whitby airport limo and taxi fares are often offered at a flat rate, most often a lot lower than what a ride sharing trip would cost.


Convenience is likely the one point where ride sharing could be considered better, but… nope, not anymore. Most Whitby airport limo companies have developed easy to use applications, often offering great new user discounts!

And our company is no exception! Marching in step with the times, we have all of the above mentioned benefits and more. Plan your next trip from Whitby to Toronto with us and prepare for a great experience! Find more details on our website.