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Welcome to our new taxi from Buffalo to Toronto service!

With international travel already made difficult by cancelled flights and closed off destinations, the newly imposed rule making Canadians returning home quarantine in a hotel was a hit below the waistline.

The imposed hotel stay is expensive and steals away precious days that could be used for work from home while quarantining just as efficiently. And the fact that you can be vaccinated and still have to go through the expensive ordeal is plainly ridiculous.

Luckily, the rules governing land travel between the US and Canadian border are different. As a result, many travellers find it far better to travel to Buffalo from their global destinations and then enjoy our luxurious taxi or airport limo services from Buffalo to Canada.

Instead of landing in Pearson and having to get locked up in a cheap hotel for days, you can simply take a taxi from Buffalo airport to downtown Toronto or anywhere in the GTA.

Our Buffalo airport taxi to Canada service helps you get home sooner, with peace of mind and comfort! With a variety of vehicles in our fleet for you to choose from, you are guaranteed to save time, money and worry.

Our drivers are committed to assist with a swift border crossing and help you ensure you and your family are equipped with all the information you require to safely re-enter Canada.

To summarize, here are the advantages of choosing our Buffalo airport taxi to Canada service for your return home trip:

  1. As a Canadian company, we are more familiar with local streets, roads and traffic patterns and will get you home sooner.
  2. Our drivers are familiar with Canadian legislation and are happy to help you answer any questions while crossing the border.
  3. We have taxis and limos that can fit over 4 passengers and their luggage.
  4. We charge Canadian fares with no need to pay extra for exchange rates.
  5. Finally, our rates are flat for specified destinations and you can count on that! A taxi from Buffalo airport to downtown Toronto will always cost the same.

Feel free to book online now or ask us anything directly! We are here to bring you home.


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