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  • June 12, 2019

There are an estimated 7.92 million registered passenger vehicles in Canada, with the number increasing every day. If you’ve ever driven the stretch of Highway 401 between Pickering and Mississauga that cuts across Toronto, you would swear that nearly all 7.92 million of those cars are sitting in a daily traffic jam. When you’re trying to get to the airport, that’s a real issue for someone who doesn’t enjoy driving. That’s why the better
choice is to book your airport taxi.

No one likes driving in Toronto’s congested road system. The reason airport limo companies like Aeroport Taxi and Limousine exist is to offer you the ultimate comfort without you having to worry about safety and directions. Even the most experienced drivers can get confused with the labyrinth of highways that lead to, from and around Pearson Airport. There’s the QEW, the 401, the 410, the Gardiner Expressway, the Allen Expressway, the Don Valley and the 407 toll highway, all major arteries that carry passenger vehicles from various places across the GTA to the crowded Dixie Road area around the airport. When Toronto’s infamous Canadian winter hits, the roads become every driver’s nightmare; why anyone would choose to drive instead of taking an airport cab is incomprehensible.

Travelling in comfort and style is the reason you book an airport taxi. Whether you book a simple sedan, a luxurious limousine or an accessible vehicle or mini-van is entirely up to you. Letting someone else – a driver who makes his or her living driving the streets of Toronto – get you to the airport is an incredibly stress-free experience. As many as 5.9 percent of urban drivers are reportedly still using their mobile phones while driving. That increases the chance you could be involved in an accident while you’re driving in the GTA. Putting your safety in the hands of professional drivers like the ones employed by Aeroport Taxi is simply a great way to get peace of mind while travelling to and from the airport. It’s a service that’s conveniently booked, affordable, safe and comfortable, the perfect combination for worry-free travel. Don’t put your life in the hands of some part- time ride-sharing service driver who’s trying to make some extra money; trust the company with over four decades of experience  transporting people quickly and safely in Toronto.

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