Why a Flat Rate Airport Taxi is the Best Way to Travel

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  • May 22, 2014

Travelling from one place to another can be expensive. Depending on what the rates are can affect the way you travel. This is why some people will opt for using the train, a shuttle, or their own car. Certain rates can affect the way you travel, especially if you are not sure exactly what the rate is going to be to get to the airport. Some taxi services charge by the km, while others charge a flat rate. These flat rate taxis to airport are a much more affordable option. Here are some of the reasons why flat rate airport taxi services are the better choice compared to metered taxis.

Flat Rate

Flat rate means that the rate will remain the same regardless of the distance. There are no hidden charges or other charges for that matter. There is peace of mind that what the agreed rate is all you will pay, nothing more and nothing less. With a metered taxi, you can’t be certain of exactly what your cost of an airport taxi will be. It can be estimated, but you will likely either pay a little more. Of course, you hope it’s less, but no one can be certain until you arrive at your destination and see what the meter says. To be 100% certain of what your costs will be, opt for a flat rate airport taxi.


The best thing about having a flat rate airport taxi is that you can negotiate the rate yourself. Passengers can try to negotiate if they are on a tight budget, or just want to get a better rate. This means that people who opt for flat rate airport taxis are able to save money for more important matters


Another advantage of a flat rate is the peace of mind of knowing exactly how much your fare will be. If your rate is $50 then all you need to pay for is $50. There are no extra charges, unless you asked for additional services from your airport taxi. This allows you to plan in advance how much money needs to be allocated for travel to airport. With a metered taxi, you won’t know the exact amount that is needed for your trip.

This is why it’s much better to opt for a flat rate airport taxi. You can always negotiate your rate if it’s outside of your budget, and ask for any promotions they may have to reduce your rate even more. It is best that you call the company first and ask for any promos or any other customer discounts that they can provide.

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