How Airport Taxi Services for Quarantine Centers Help People Plan Their Self Isolation

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  • April 13, 2021

Canadians returning from their travels abroad are now required to quarantine upon their arrival in Canada. The bigger problem with this is you need to stay in a quarantine center for the first 3 nights. This is a government appointed location with below average staying conditions, low grade food and a surprisingly expensive tab.

It is required even if you tested negative or got vaccinated for COVID-19 in Canada or elsewhere. Yes, it is crazy and expensive but the least we can do is make it tolerable for you.

Our new Airport Taxi Services for Quarantine Center are here to make sure your self isolation proceeds with the minimum amount of fuss and runs into no difficulties. One of the things you are expected to do is arrive with your own quarantine plan that would satisfy the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) officer upon arrival.

This is why we offer more than just a Quarantine Taxi from Airport to your next destination but also assistance in putting together such a plan in advance! The plan will need to have the following items covered:

  • Your place of intended self-isolation
  • Means of travel to the self quarantine location
  • Plans to take care of food, medication you need, child care and so on.

When you get in touch with us even before flying back, to arrange for your Transportation from Airport to Quarantine Hotel we will go further by advising you on the planning details. This way when you submit your quarantine plan via the ArriveCAN app you can expect it to be accepted without questions, delays, or any other wrinkles.

On other news, we are glad you found this article! Why? Because this may just saved you a lot of the headache and more importantly, the expensive gruelling 3 day stay in a local quarantine center.

Our Airport Taxi Services for Quarantine Center also include a ride from the Buffalo US airport across the border into Canada. Why is this much better? Because land entry to Canada submits to a different set of rules and you may not need to stay 3 days in a cheap expensive place not of your own choosing.

Canadians landing in the Buffalo airport can stay in self isolation there for a while, long enough to satisfy the Canada Border Services Agency and then re-enter Canada by taxi and go directly to their home.

Either way, whether you require a simple Quarantine Taxi from Airport or a US – Canada crossing ride, feel free to get in touch with us.

Our primary Airport Taxi Services for Quarantine Center are here to make your arrival in Canada as easy and hassle free as possible.