How COVID-19 Has Forced Taxi Companies to Practice Safety During Airport Transfers?

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  • March 19, 2021

These days during the pandemic travel may mean a lot of trouble. A vacation or business trip abroad has never been an easy task to plan and follow through, even without the extra precautions needed to stay safe we need to follow now. However, taking a Pearson Airport Shuttle can save you a lot of the hassle and keep you safe during the ride at the same time.

When the airports become fully operational again and your next trip comes up, you have to be ready for a large number of people traveling alongside you. Fights are expected to be booked to their full capacity and getting to the airport may prove to be a bit of an obstacle course. The good news is it really doesn’t have to.

You can rely on a trusted Airport Shuttle Service company to get you from home to the airport with the punctuality you are accustomed to, plus the added safety guaranteed by our precautionary measures.

Those precautionary measures cover the pickup, drop-off, and the ride in between. It is important to us that every passenger is kept perfectly safe and at peace when enjoying our services. Here is a list of the main precautions our Pearson Airport Shuttle operators are instructed to follow.

  • The driver and passenger area in most of our Airport Shuttle Toronto vehicles are separated by a plexiglas barrier to ensure minimal transfer of air between the compartments.
  • The driver is instructed to stay inside the vehicle at all times. This does not mean however that assistance with luggage is not going to be provided. We will gladly respond and help you load suitcases and bags upon request. When providing such assistance the Airport Shuttle Service operator will stay at a safe distance from the passengers and make sure to wear gloves when handling your belongings.
  • When entering the vehicle you can rest assured in the knowledge that the interior has been scrubbed clean and sanitized as it is done before and after each ride. Surfaces sanitized include door handles, overhead light switches, and upholstery just to name a few.
  • During the ride, passengers will be provided with hand sanitizer and disposable face masks for the ride if there’s a need.
  • The air conditioning unit will be turned off from recirculating to allow fresh air to enter the cab. If the weather permits, the window will be cracked open a little bit for better air circulation.
  • During the drop off at the airport, the Pearson Airport Shuttle driver will assist with luggage if requested, following the same protocol of distancing and sanitization.

This of course has only been a general overview of the main rules put in place by our company to keep you safe. Please feel free to get in touch or browse our website for further information.