How to Avoid Cab Scams when Travelling

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  • August 24, 2022

Just like any other business or field, there are going to be dishonest practitioners. If you travel enough, you’re going to run into one simply by sheer statistical probability. The type of scams you may encounter can differ between cities and countries but the goal is eventually the same. Get you to pay more than you owe, one way or another.

When choosing an Oshawa cab company for your next trip, make sure to be careful and make a wise choice. We are not here to scare you into staying home of course. And we are not saying everyone is out to get you. The purpose of this exercise is to help you not be an easy target for the opportunistic individual who might try something dishonest.

Choosing a Ride and Leaving Scammers Behind

Let’s examine things to check and look for when choosing a cab when travelling locally or abroad.

Use an Authorised Licensed Taxi Company

If you are travelling to the airport, and need an Oshawa taxi, never just hail one from the street. Use a reputable taxi service, and verify their credentials online. If you landed in the airport, seek out the designated taxi stand or line. If you arrive at a train station and someone just approaches you with promises of a special discount, take a step back. They are likely a solo operator and that in and of itself is a red flag. Most drivers operating a taxi in Oshawa are honest folk but having one checked is a good idea.

Carry Exact Change when Travelling

Of course, when you book a ride with an Oshawa cab company, you don’t need to worry about such things. But when you are on the other side of that plane flight, it’s another matter. Tourists commonly get duped into leaving more money in the cab because they are unfamiliar with the local currency. Giving the driver large bills puts you at greater risk, whereas carrying a purse with coins makes sure you can dish out exactly what you owe.

Agree on a Flat Rate

Any reputable Oshawa cab company as well as those operating around the world have long realised that flat rates are best. The customer knows in advance how much they are paying, which builds confidence and trust. And the driver is not incentivised to take the “scenic” route while the metre is counting away your dollars.

Try to Book Online if Possible

Most Oshawa taxi companies will have an online booking system or like us, a phone app which is even better and far more convenient. If you are travelling outside Canada, this also helps to make sure you ride with a reputable firm. No scammer is likely to have an online presence.

Finally, as a bonus point, make sure to have your GPS on and monitor the route. And of course, if you are planning to travel and need an Oshawa cab company to get you and your family to Pearson, we are here for you.