How to Save Travelling Time With Buffalo/Toronto Airport Taxi Services

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  • July 14, 2021

Travel restrictions back into Canada for both leisure or business are still in place. This means that anyone reentering the country by plane has to stay in quarantine for 14 days. But that’s not the biggest problem. The real kicker is that the first three of those you’d have to spend in a so-called quarantine hotel, which is essentially a glorified jail with nice rooms. Which is why the Buffalo Airport Taxi to Canada option is still the best choice for most Canadians returning home from travels.

Until and unless this restriction is lifted (there’s been talk of it with no visible progress) the safest and most efficient route for travelers is to land in Buffalo and take a Taxi from Buffalo Airport to Canada. The thing is this restriction does not apply to travelers reentering Canada by land.

You are still expected to self-quarantine upon return but the mandatory expensive stay in a cheap hotel with poor service and worse food does not apply. As a response measure to the growing need for this, we have bolstered our Airport Taxi Services from Buffalo to Canada with a bigger fleet of taxis, limousine grade vehicles and a VIP service for our riders to enjoy.

Taking a Taxi from Buffalo Airport to Canada may seem time consuming and or expensive but compared to the extremely costly three day stay in a quarantine centre, it is literally a joy ride. Our expert chauffeurs are extremely friendly and will make all the stops you like, including in the border Duty Free allowing you to do some tax free shopping if you like.

There are of course certain rules that you need to follow when re-entering Canada by land and we are here to help with those. We will list most of them here in a moment but when you book a Taxi from Buffalo Airport to Canada with us, we will also guide you to ensure safe and hassle free reentry.

The rules to re enter Canada by land include:

  • You need to wear a mask. Yes, we know. But we have to say it anyway
  • Prepare your health screening information, vaccination info if you have it
  • Prepare to get tested for COVID-19 (two molecular test kits)
  • Prepare your detailed quarantine plan, including place of stay etc.

Again, there are more rules and more details which we are also happy to help with when you contact our Airport Taxi Services from Buffalo to Canada.