How We Make Taxi Rides Safer as the World Is Recovering

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  • December 18, 2020

We are finally preparing to get back to travelling as the pandemic is slowly but surely moving past us. Airports are going to open up and our habit of moving around can finally be resumed. As you are planning your trip from Whitby to Toronto Airport on your way to the final destination whether it is the tropical resort or another province, safety should still be of utmost concern.

As a company providing Whitby to Toronto Taxi Services, it is important for us to keep our riders healthy and safe. And for this purpose we have created a guide of simple rules that once followed will guarantee this for all involved.

A Mask Is a Must

The COVID-19 virus is not airborne. The way it is carried is by droplets expelled in our breath when we speak and breathe. A mask worn inside a Whitby Taxi as you travel provides a shield preventing those droplets who carry beyond the speakers immediate vicinity. This includes all travellers as well as the driver of course.

Clean Is Safe

This is not a rule riders should follow with one that we guarantee. All of our Whitby to Toronto taxi operators are held to a strict and uncompromising standard of Sanitation and cleanliness. Every surface that comes in contact with travellers gets thoroughly sanitized between each two rides.

Distancing and Touchless Transactions

We highly recommend all transactions to be touchless. This sadly memes it is best for riders to handle their own luggage although to be sure, our Whitby Taxi drivers will be happy to assist you with items should you need assistance. Additionally, this implies it’s best to use a credit card and tap rather than exchange cash. If you have to use cash as a method of payment please ensure you sanitize your hands thoroughly before and after touching it.

Wait Times Are Flexible

Fully understanding that preparations in our troubled times may take longer than normal, our drivers are also instructed to give you ample time to get ready. This applies especially for airport pickups when exiting the plane can take a lot longer than normal due to additional safety procedures. We appreciate our customers contacting us if they expect that exiting the baggage area can take over 60 minutes to where the taxi driver awaits, but other than those extreme cases we will be there for you.

In addition to those fundamental guidelines, we will also ensure your safety and comfort in every way at our disposal. We will have sanitizer and hand wipes on board and provide all necessary assistance to ensure your Toronto to Whitby or Whitby to Toronto Taxi Services experience is the best and safest!