Keeping Employees in Transit Safe During the Pandemic

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  • March 12, 2021

There’s a lot of information floating around about COVID-19 and the various protocols necessary to avoid contracting the virus. For people whose jobs put them in direct interaction with the public, extreme caution has to be the primary action taken to ensure they remain safe. Personal transportation companies like Aeroport Taxi and Limousine have to be concerned about both employees and clients, which means extra steps are implemented to ensure people are protected when booking their Brampton taxi.

Employers who have staff travelling during the pandemic have to be concerned when these individuals arrive at the airport in Toronto. If an employee is taking the risk of travelling on behalf of the company, it’s important for the company to take the responsibility to provide safe options for personal transportation services like Brampton airport taxi service. With the establishment of quarantine centres for travellers coming in from outside of Canada and adhering to local restrictions based on the current level of lockdown, passengers have to know how to handle their transportation needs when calling for a Brampton Taxi cab. That’s because public transit can be crowded and high risk due to limited social distancing. Here are a few things employers can do to ensure employees in transit using Brampton taxi are safe:

Find a service that can facilitate corporate carpooling. This could help accommodate multiple workers arriving in Toronto and possibly family members who have to travel with them. Limited exposure is another benefit of utilizing one company for your Brampton airport taxi bookings.
Find a service that can accommodate low occupancy travel requests at a reasonable price. Demand for solo vehicles is high as travellers try to isolate, so using a service with a large fleet is beneficial.
A great number of app-based and ride-share services are having a hard time finding drivers during the pandemic. You need to work with a reliable, well-established company that can provide corporate carpooling options or individual services that is safe and secure.
You need to find a service that takes the pandemic seriously enough to mandate drivers come equipment with masks, sanitizers and vehicles that have been wiped clean after every service call.


Aeroport Taxi drivers have always gone above and beyond to earn the business of Brampton taxi cab customers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have stepped up to ensure all our customers are safe, whether they’re local or people coming back through the airport. All our vehicles are equipped with a plexiglass barrier between the passenger and driver to minimize interaction. Drivers always disinfect the common areas of every vehicle after each passenger trip. Drivers are also mandated to wear masks and/or face coverings when dealing with passengers inside and outside of our cars. We want to ensure your utmost safety at all times. Book your next Brampton taxi service using our convenient online portal.