Should I Take the Union Pearson Express? Toronto Airport Transportation Options

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  • October 22, 2014

When flying into Toronto Pearson International Airport, one of the first things visitors ask themselves is “How do I get from Toronto airport to downtown?” With the airport being located in the outskirts of Toronto’s downtown core, and very few transportation options available, this is a common concern for any visitor to this great city. There are currently only 2 main transportation options to choose from, which include city bus or airport taxi, while a 3rd option, the “Union Pearson Express” is set to finish construction for summer 2015.  To help travelers with finding the most efficient, and cost effective solution to getting to downtown from Pearson International Airport, we’ve expanded upon the main positive and negative features of each transportation solution.

City Bus from YYZ to Downtown Toronto

If you’re planning on taking the bus to downtown Toronto, you’d better start planning ahead of time. The TTC bus service only runs every 40 minutes, and it’s almost always completely filled with travelers looking to get into downtown Toronto on the cheap.

The total duration of this is bus route averages about 65 minutes, while it isn’t uncommon for it to take even longer. As well, the majority of the TTC busses that provide this service require passengers to make at least one transfer to another bus. This is because, there aren’t many (if any) dedicated buses to and from Pearson Airport to union station.

Although the price of a single ride on the TTC is low, (only costing a few dollars) taking the bus proves to be time consuming and a much less convenient option. As well, busses are far less comfortable, offer very little space for your luggage and are crammed with dozens of travelers.

Union Pearson Express

The Union Pearson Express is currently under construction, and isn’t scheduled to begin service until the summer of 2015. This new shuttle service is set to depart every 15 minutes from Toronto Pearson International Airport and will take a total of 25 minutes to get downtown.

Prices have yet to be determined, although many fear that it could become highly unaffordable. The Toronto Star estimates it could cost anywhere between $20.00 – $30.00 per rider, plus an airport fee of $2.00 per ticket to cover “lost revenue” from airport parking.

For a family traveling together, this new express train to the city can end up costing far more than it should. A family of 4 could be paying over $100 in airport transportation! The Union Pearson Express is proving to be a less viable option for families, and it hasn’t even officially launched yet!

Airport Taxi or Limo to Downtown Toronto

The cost of taking an airport taxi is only $48.00, while an airport limo will cost only $51.00 from Union Station to Toronto Airport. These two forms of transportation can seat up to 4 passengers including their luggage. Larger groups of travelers can order an executive minivan for $58.00, and can comfortably seat up to 6 passengers in one vehicle.

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