Tips for Airport Transit Safety in a Pandemic

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  • November 27, 2020

With the Corona pandemic coming and going in waves, the second of which is apparently here already, people are understandably worried. One of the obvious points of worry is travel risks. As Whitby Taxi service providers we decided to address this concern and provide useful safety advice to our riders and readers. By following this set of practices you can make sure your next trip from Whitby to Toronto or a direct Whitby Airport Limo drive will be perfectly safe.

A Mask is a Must

Yes, we all know it is the rule but in a confined space such as the back of a vehicle, wearing one is doubly important. While you are not at risk of exhaling directly on someone else, the surfaces you are in contact with will be waiting for the next rider after you. By ensuring our riders wear a mask at all times, we thereby ensure all of our Whitby Taxi clients enjoy a maximally comfortable and safe environment. This in addition to our drivers diligently sanitizing their car interiors between every trip, just in case.

Three is a Crowd

A large group riding together is an increased risk of cross-contamination and viral spread. Our drivers will never seat an extra rider with you but you would also do well to avoid bringing in a large group of people in the vehicle. This will allow you to sit comfortably in the back of the car, keeping a safe distance between yourselves and the driver. And if you are taking a Whitby Airport Limo and travel as a family, please let the operator know so they can accommodate your needs with a larger vehicle.

Load Your Personal Items Personally

Our Whitby Taxi drivers are courteous and will often offer to load your luggage for you by sheer force of habit. But it would be far safer for all involved for you to do it yourself. Yes, it is a bit more work but a Lot more prudent in these troubled times. To add to this point, it also helps if you pay and tip the driver electronically via card or otherwise. One less point of contact to keep everybody safer.

Finally, when you are taking a cab from Whitby to Toronto or elsewhere, and are going to or have been staying in a hotel, make sure to take just as many precautions during your stay.

This set of easy to follow rules and practices will ensure the safety of our drivers, and all of our clients, including you and your family travelling with you or staying home.