Uber Vs Taxi During Covid-19

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  • March 16, 2021

You don’t have a car and you don’t want to ride a bus. What’s the best way to get around the city and the GTA while minimizing your risk of catching – and spreading – the COVID-19 virus?” Bicycles aren’t such a great option in March, so there’s always personal transportation services. The question is, do you trust an Uber, or do you put your faith in Aeroport Taxi when booking Richmond Hill taxi?

Let’s start with a simple fact. Aeroport Taxi and Limousine has been a legally licensed and professional provider of Richmond Hill taxi service for over 45 years. Clearly, Aeroport knows how to handle a crisis. However, the pandemic has presented some unique challenges to all sorts of businesses and an airport taxi Richmond Hill provider like Aeroport Taxi has also had to adjust during the pandemic. As more businesses reopen and restrictions are being loosened on where people can go, demand for personal transportation will increase. Ride share services like Uber and Lyft are out there, but so is a company like Aeroport Taxi. Which is the safer option?

In a world of fluctuating COVID cases, finding the safest travel option is simply a smart move. Aeroport Taxi has implemented extremely strict measures for its entire fleet. Drivers have to wear masks inside and out of the car when dealing with customers. Plexiglass has been installed in every Richmond Hill taxi Aeroport is currently operating. Sanitization policies are strictly followed every time a new passenger gets picked up; drivers also want to stay safe, so it’s important for them to follow the protocols. Are all those measures being enforced in Uber and Lyft vehicles? While the corporate policy might encourage all ride share drivers to follow policy, there’s no real way to ensure drivers are adhering to such edicts. No one is monitoring Bob the Uber driver every time he picks up a new passenger. That could be a problem in an area like the GTA, where population density and rapid escalation of COVID cases go hand in hand.

We’re not even close to seeing the end of this pandemic, so despite easing of travel restrictions the threat of complete lock down is always looming. Booking your Richmond Hill taxi service using an app-based or ride share taxi service is riskier than planning your trip using Aeroport Taxi. You know the risks involved with any travel during the pandemic. While the odds are relatively low you could contract the virus, climbing into a vehicle you’re not sure has been sanitized is risky business. Uber and Lyft drivers will do their best to convince you they’re following strict standards, but they’re not as closely monitored as drivers working for Aeroport Taxi. That’s not to say every ride share vehicle is dripping with respiratory droplets left over from the previous ride; it’s just that booking with a company like Aeroport is a better guarantee that the driver has cleaned out the vehicle prior to you climbing in.

You should always ask yourself whether travel is essential during a lockdown. Sometimes you just have to get be mobile, and doing it in the safest possible manner is easier when you book your airport taxi Richmond Hill with Aeroport Taxi.