What Are the Duties of Taxi Companies During Covid-19

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  • February 10, 2021

In the midst of a pandemic, personal and corporate responsibility has been a hot topic. Whether or not people wear masks and practice social distancing or if businesses adhere to strict protocols when servicing customer are two determining safety factors for employees and the general public. All businesses have to take ownership of their role in containing the pandemic, and that includes Aeroport Taxi, the number one choice for Mississauga cab.


We know that a company providing airport taxi Mississauga service during a pandemic is not exactly essential in the way a first responder might be. But for someone desperately trying to reduce their chances of contracting COVID, a Mississauga taxi to airport service can be a great way to avoid taking public transit and risking exposure. Personal transportation services are important, and using the right one can make the difference between staying safe and getting sick. To ensure you’re using the best service, here are a few things you should expect your Mississauga cab company to be doing to help keep you safe as a customer:

Encouraging single passenger service. Social distancing is simple a smart move, and riding alone in your cab is a safer strategy for reducing spread of the virus.

Providing contactless payment options. When you use Aeroport Taxi’s online booking service, you can pay for your cab in advance. In the car, you can swipe your card using POS terminals. Avoiding cash transactions is a good way to reduce contact.

Your cab company should be implementing strict protocols in every vehicle. There can’t be enough safety precautions taken when dealing with the public. At Aeroport Taxi, all vehicles come with a plexiglass divider to separate driver from passenger. Drivers are required to wear masks inside and outside of the cab when dealing with customers. Every Mississauga cab vehicle is cleaned out after every trip using disinfectant sprays and sanitizers. The health of the passenger is job one, but drivers have their own vested interest in staying safe.

Limit trips with large groups of passengers. Aeroport Taxi has a huge fleet of vehicle to accommodate all sizes of groups. However, transporting large groups of passengers, especially ones arriving via the airport, is a higher risk. A good airport taxi Mississauga service will recommend large groups split up and take their own taxi to their de stination. It may seem excessive and perhaps cost a little more, but safety is the key during the pandemic.


Companies that have stepped up to ensure public safety are leaders when it comes to reducing the effects of the pandemic. Without corporate social responsibility, the pandemic could have been or could become much worse. Every small step that Aeroport Taxi has taken to ensure the safety of its customers – from mask-wearing drivers to installing plexiglass to keeping vehicles sanitized at all times – is done for good reason. We have an interest in helping curb the spread of COVID so we can all get back to normal. Trust a Mississauga cab company that’s been providing personal transportation needs for over 45 years.