How Our Drivers Ensure Safety of Passengers While Taking Them to Quarantine Centers

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  • March 3, 2021

As one of the Whitby Taxi service providers it is important to us that our passengers fеel safe during every single ride, near or far.

Living through the global pandemic is hard enough, but the added risks let’s come with travelling during the global pandemic make things really difficult.

Бut if you don’t have a choice whether to travel or not and simply need to, whether it is for work or other important reasons, then the only thing you can do is minimize the danger.

One of the things to decide is the type of transportation to take, аnd given the choice it is really a no-brainer that taking the Whitby Taxi Service is far preferable to public transit.

Unlike a bus where people are crammed together with no real possibility to social distance, a taxi cab interior can be a perfectly controlled environment. Our Whitby to Toronto riders enjoy a level of comfort and safety left can only be compared to a personal vehicle, which it almost is.

As a company dedicated to making the Whitby Taxi Service as safe as possible, we would like to inform our passengers of the precautions taken to ensure that goal.

In order to protect our riders, every Whitby Taxi driver is instructed to follow those rules.

  1. Everyone present in the vehicle has to wear a mask, starting from the driver and including everybody else. When getting into our cars, you can be safe in the knowledge that the previous passengers wore face coverings as well. This means as little as possible potential contaminants in the vehicle salon.
  2. The Whitby Taxi drivers in our employ are instructed to thoroughly clean and sanitize every surface that may have come into contact with previous passengers. This includes door handles, window operating gear, seat upholstery and overhead light buttons.
  3. Even though passengers do not come in contact with the front of the vehicle, the driver is still instructed to sanitize the steering wheel and front dashboard frequently. This additional safety precaution keeps the overall interior as clean of contaminants as possible.
  4. All drivers will keep a physical distance from passengers, avoiding handshakes and direct contact with luggage unless specifically asked for assistance. When assistance is requested, our drivers will handle it with utmost care and make sure to sanitize luggage handles before and after coming into contact with them. In those cases, when handling groceries or luggage, the driver will also make sure to wear gloves.
  5. Last but not least, our Whitby Taxi operators are instructed to stay home and avoid coming to work even at the smallest suspicion of being unwell.

Our passengers and employees safety is of utmost concern to us as a community based business that cares. Let’s work together to stay safe and healthy!