Sick of Paying Obscene Toronto Airport Parking Rates? Hire an Airport Taxi Instead

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  • August 20, 2014

Whether you’re taking a family vacation abroad or going on a business trip in a different city, flying is an exciting experience. Although, the largest inconvenience for residents of Toronto and the GTA is getting to the airport itself. As the city grows, traffic gets heavier and parking becomes increasingly limited and more expensive each year. This is especially true when it comes to airport transportation.

Even still, many people decide to drive themselves to the airport, due to the fact that public transportation to both Pearson INTL and Billy Bishop is incomplete, less convenient and far less comfortable. While driving yourself to the airport is comfortable and convenient, it’s also more expensive and often a greater stress than it’s worth. Below is a breakdown of the average cost for car parking at Toronto Pearson Airport, which is one of th emost travelled airports, and a comparison of choosing an airport taxi instead.

Toronto Island Airport / Billy Bishop City Airport (YTZ)

Toronto’s Island Airport, also known as Billy Bishop Airport is located in the heart of downtown on Toronto Island. Driving to Billy Bishop requires you to fight your way through traffic in the downtown core, and also requires you to wait on a ferry to transport you to the Island Airport parking lot.  Here is a summary of Pearson airport parking rates:

$35 daily parking rate

or $135 a weekly rate

+ $11 ferry charge (round trip)

If you’re spending a week away with the family, you’re looking at $146 dollars just in parking, plus the added expense of gas getting you to and from the airport itself. Therefore, it can easily be assume that driving to Billy Bishop Airport is going to cost you over $200, not to mention an added level of stress fighting through traffic, and liability when leaving your car unattended in a parking lot.

Toronto Pearson INTL Airport (YYZ)

Toronto Pearson International Airport is the Canada’s largest airport. Each year it transports over 36 million passengers and handles over 430,000 flights. Because it’s such a large and busy airport, it can be very costly to drive and park in the area.

The most frequented parking facilities at the airport include the on-site Toronto Pearson Airport parking, costing $15-$25+ a day, as well as the various airport parking services that cost an average of $139/per week. There are also various private parking facilities and hotels surrounding the airport that charge anywhere between $7/day to $9/day to park.

For a week stay you could pay as little as $50 dollars, and trust your vehicle in a hotel parking or spend up to $175 to park at the airport itself. Once you factor in gas, time spent in traffic and the overall stresses involved – parking at Pearson International Airport becomes less appealing.

The Alternative – Take an Airport Taxi

Instead of driving, fighting in traffic, finding parking and shuttling to the airport in a crammed utility van, you should seriously consider hiring an airport taxi instead. Your money will be well spent on convenient, comfortable and on time service that will bring you to and from the airport with ease. Our airport taxis consist of late model executive taxis and airport limo vans that offer the highest level of comfort and convenience.  Our pricing is extremely competitive and will have you picked up and dropped off to the airport and then home again for less than driving and parking yourself. We service all of the Greater Toronto Area, and are always happy to accommodate any special requests you may have.

Don’t fight in traffic and pay obscene amounts for airport parking in Toronto. Instead, entrust Aeroport Taxi and Limo to provide you with airport transportation that is comfortable, convenient, on time and best of all – competitively priced! Call us today at 1-800-465-3434 to book an airport taxi for your upcoming trip!