Rising Popularity of Flat Rate Taxi Service from Buffalo to Toronto

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  • April 22, 2021

Are you planning to travel outside Canada, or are enjoying somewhere nice and warm right now, and are planning your return home? Then you must have heard about the new self isolation rule imposed on everyone landing in a Canadian airport after a trip abroad.

You know, the one that says you have to book into a quarantine center and stay there for 3 days paying out of pocket for the substandard lodgings and awful food. Which is exactly why so many snowbirds returning home in springtime decide to stop in the US first and then take a taxi from Buffalo to Toronto.

Yes, you heard right. There is a way around this rule and it involves a stop in the US. It turns out that re-entry into Canada by land does not fall under the same draconic restrictions as re-entry by plane. Odd as it may be, this is just the opportunity to avoid the expensive and degrading stay in the quarantine center here in Canada.

Local taxi services and especially ones who are offering limo services from Buffalo Airport to Canada are reporting a dramatic increase in calls as people are waking up to the new reality. Instead of landing here and staying locked up for 3 days, all you have to do is land in a nearby US town and take a taxi from Buffalo to Toronto.

You will need to follow the Driving to Canada Checklist of course as well as enjoy a slightly longer trip but it is well worth it. After all, a flat rate taxi from Buffalo Airport to Downtown Toronto is still much better and certainly more picturesque than a 3 day stay in a cheap but overpriced lockdown center.

In case you are thinking just how overpriced it is, the cost can go all the way to $2000 for the three day stay. Taking a trip across the US border in a flat rate taxi from Buffalo to Toronto is going to cost pennies compared to that. And this is not even mentioning the avoided 3 days lost if you go directly to Canada and commit to the mandatory quarantine.

And if it seems like we’re depicting it as jail, it really feels like it to many people. Even foregoing the cost of it, the isolation away from home is what makes this imposed rule so intolerable for so many Canadians. Having this bombshell dropped on you directly after a vacation makes things even worse.

In view of this of course so many people prefer to take a taxi from Buffalo Airport to Downtown Toronto instead!

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